Aguahara Training

 Aguahara Training

Aguahara is an infinitely broad and ever evolving modality. We can always learn more and more about experiencing the water and about the essence and power of the water. At the same time, we consider it important to share and guide you in your approach to your work with water in a way that it invites you to experience your awareness of the Self.

Aguahara offers you the experience to connect to the water in a very personal way and allows you to draw from these experiences to bring practical benefits to all aspects of life. The movement technique you learn intelligently suggests a path of integration between the physical body and the subtle bodies, working deep, penetrating all tissues, improving the physical posture of the body, as well, as one’s attitude towards life.

 Aguahara Training


Our Training Approach

The Aguahara basic training consists of three levels, each level offering a deeper integration of empathy, intuition, connection and flow.

Level I “Initiation”

35 hrs + 5 sessions

The first level of the Aguahara training guides you through an entrance into the water. Experiencing the magical contact with the physical and the subtle properties of the water, you create a meaningful connection to the element as well as to your own Self in the water. At this level of the training we learn to connect with our energy center (Hara) and come to a relaxed state in the aquatic environment. From this personal foundation and deep awareness of the Self we meet others. We refine our listening ability to sense the state of another being, and we learn to create the space for the session where we can safely connect and have trust towards each other. Together we synchronize the rhythm of our breathing and find a conscious way to transition from vertical / gravity to the horizontal / flotation state. The individual experience of Aguahara is unique to each person. The beauty of the practice is to meet each other as we are with awareness, allowing for each encounter to be new and different.

The first level of Aguahara will provide tools for your ability to sustain another body in the water, learn transitions, the introduction to underwater work and build a technical vocabulary. It is the beginning of everything that comes after. We make the other person feel comfortable and relaxed to be able to receive the water, working the physical, mental and emotional aspects of one’s being. This level provides the foundation for the levels that follow. It is essential to find comfort with this level prior to proceeding to the next levels, as it also creates the base for any aquatic creativity that will arise in the next levels.

Level II “Into The Deep”

60 hrs + 7 sessions

The second level of the Aguahara training familiarizes you with the underwater world. You will become comfortable under water and learn how to work in that environment. You experience working with the Nose Clip as a fundamental tool for the underwater journey. We learn how to take a person under water, keeping the confidence and relaxation we established in the first level. We will continue to refine techniques, movements and transitions between the surface and underwater movements, beginning to work in a way of an active dialogue with the water, its power, support and healing.

Level III “Free Flow”

85 hrs + 10 sessions

The third level of the Aguahara training focuses more and more on the water to complement and integrate the element, the concept of fluidity and connection. We learn to work in such a way that the transitions dissolve to be seamless, and the session becomes a timeless flow, a dance, a union between the couple, creating a space where giving and receiving can be transcend. With the support of level one and two, the level three of the Aguahara training unites all the tools to empower one to creatively design an active and high-vibrational space that can support intuition, experimentation and expansion.