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Aguahara aims to create and offer a space for meeting, sharing, investigating, creating, and exploring in the aquatic world, helping to unite, merge and spread the knowledge of water.

Aguahara Essence

Dance comes from the fusion of the dynamic movement of the water and its infinite relationship with the center, the HARA. Dance, is the flow of this magical reciprocity.

Through the waterdance we come into a space of exchange, communication and union of all the experiences in the water. The more fluid and free this dance becomes, the more authentic the connection, bonding and transformation becomes with oneself, with others and with water.

Aquatic dance transports us to a place of meeting with the creativity that lives in the depths of every human being, the water element functioning as a pillar of new crystalline thoughts.

An AGUAHARA session is a meeting that goes beyond therapy. It provides space to explore and connect with WATER while staying centered in the Hara. From there begins a journey together where we surrender to what may happen between the facilitator, the receiver and the water. An AGUAHARA session is a dance in which we gain a knowing in the depth of the silence. It is a shared experience where the limitations of giving and receiving are transcended. It is an art of continuous flow in a timeless space.

Aguahara is an open and shared space for the exploration of water itself, its capacities and possibilities, and also of the infinity of things that we can do in this element. In this community different forms and aspects of therapeutic work in water are developed, integrating movement, vibration, breathing and all aspects of our being. It is also a deep exploration of oneself through dance and one’s connection to water.


The WATER element is what creates life, maintains and connects in all its forms. Biologically, it is the protagonist of the cycle of organic life on the planet. The physical body of people is composed almost entirely of water, and their energy bodies can expand and behave in space thanks to this particular property.

Water plays an essential role in the vital phenomenon. Water is in everything that is alive in its multiple states and infinite manifestations.

There is a lot of research and many theories on the qualities of water, its magic and its healing properties. However, our ability to put the vast meaning of water into words spans beyond the capabilities of the analytical human mind. When we try to understand, we usually impose limitations.

The water itself embraces a palpable composition of simplicity. It also reveals a multidimensionality to any particular sensory experience. When we find ourselves in the water and immerse ourselves in it, we make room for the process that shows much more than a long text.

The water itself suggests internal peace, art and beauty. It represents the primitive origin, fertility, universe, wisdom and knowledge.

Water offers a new space of deep exploration, a renewal of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being.


La palabra “Hara” tiene su origen en Japón, y se corresponde con un punto energético a dos dedos por debajo del ombligo, que se ubica en el  canal RENMAI denominado en chino “kikai” o mar de la energía. En Oriente este es un punto energético sumamente importante, por ser esto el centro vital del Ser.

Es un centro energético y generalmente se corresponde con el centro de gravedad, lo cual puede considerarse en un sentido mucho más amplio. “Hara es el punto de equilibrio de nuestra vida física, mental, emocional y espiritual.”

En Oriente el significado de Hara es tan amplio, tan extenso, que sería erróneo sugerir que se puede resumir en una sola frase o en una serie de palabras. El cultivo de la comunión con el Hara es un camino de toda la vida para los japoneses. Todas las artes marciales, todas las artes culturales (entre ellas la pintura y la música), todas las disciplinas espirituales y todas las transacciones de negocios se realizan, con mayor o menor éxito, desde el propio Hara.


Hara es el centro del yo, es la raíz espiritual de la propia vida.

La filosofía oriental comprende al hombre como una unidad mente-espíritu y cuerpo, y al HARA más que considerársele simplemente como un punto energético, se le identifica con el estado en el cual el hombre ha reencontrado su propio centro que le permite vivir de forma consciente cada una de sus acciones y sentimientos.

En Occidente se está abriendo camino a la teoría del segundo cerebro, que se encuentra en el abdomen, porque se está descubriendo que el abdomen al igual que el cerebro, produce sustancias similares que influyen en las funciones psicoafectivas, tales como la serotonina y la dopamina.

Así pues, el HARA es el punto energético vital más importante de nuestro cuerpo: la sede de todas nuestras energías. Entrar en contacto con este centro significa hacerlo con el ser profundo que existe en nosotros, con todos sus problemas o sus realizaciones, sus dolores o sus alegrías. En Japón, se dice que “todo nace del HARA y todo vuelve al HARA”.

Localizarlo a nivel físico y trabajarlo con diferentes técnicas es una forma de aprovechar, en nuestro beneficio, este gran caudal energético.


AGUAHARA offers multiple benefits. Immersed in the water the physical and electromagnetic body are covered, creating a balanced fusion from the most remote cell to the further expansion of our energy.

AGUAHARA helps lower stress levels, soothes pain, improves sleep, prepares us for a better rest, releases the spine, limbs, joints and all our organs. It gives us flexibility, mobility and relaxation. We get in touch with a deep and full breath, release, lightness, fluidity and ease.

AGUAHARA opens a new connection with oneself, with the world, with beauty, tranquility and peace.


Aguahara Community

Aguahara is the offer of a community of aquatics, sharing interests, curiosities, discoveries, explorations…. learning with, in and from the water new ways to create or integrate in our lives. Co-Creation, Co-Operation, Communication are elements that made Aguahara today a loose and connected community of aquatics sharing water.


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