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Gabriel Sydänvirta


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Aguahara Teacher

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I live with my wife ElinMaria and our child in close relationship to water on a small island in the outer Archipelago of Finland. For me water is life. Here in Archipelago water is with us every moment. It makes me to feel grateful towards life. I´m dancer and dance teacher as well Aguahara teacher and nature guide. I have had a strong connection and sense of belonging with Water since I was born.

We facilitate Aguahara trainings and water dance courses and retreats in Finland, Sweden and other Countries. In Finland Aguahara is now a growing alive community. We offer every year 2-3 basic trainings as well Advanced Focus courses and educations for those who wish to repeat or dive deeper into water work as well annual meetings for exchange and further education. One of our trainings happen in the national park of Finnish Archipelago where we explore Aguahara in the Sea of Archipelago. We have developed sessions for cold water treatments combined with sauna-ceremonies.

Our work is strongly influenced by experienced relation to the natural waters; both within the fluid body and with natural waters. Our trainings are based on Somatic Movement for deeper awareness and embodied presence. We wish to support people to experience intuitive flow of movement and dance, ability to be present, awareness of one´s own being and bodily movement as well awareness of conscious touch and unconditional holding.

In addition to aquatic courses we facilitate Nature dance retreats and workshops, improvisation dance trainings and contact improvisation. We hope to nourish people´s connection to the nature, oneself and receive a sense of being alive and inspired.

For me living by the Sea is a daily practice exploring water and inviting other people to explore it with us. Our work is characterized by the personal connection to water as a whole; both within a human being and in the world’s natural waters.

I wish that water can be a connecting link between human beings as well between people and nature. I wish that this work can inspirate us to take better care of waters and morher planet. I wish that this work can support us to be here on Earth, kindly and gently loving and growing together as an aquatic community. Love! -Gabriel Sydänvirta,,

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